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Ievan Polka

Atentie, postare in romana şi engleza
Warning, post in romanian and english


Astazi o sa incerc sa nu va plictisesc prea mult cu text sau alte povesti, in loc de asta o sa incerc sa va povestesc de o melodie pe care am reauzit-o de curind, in diverse versiuni, dar care imi place destul de mult.   

Melodia in discutie este Ievan Polkka, vechi cintec finlandez, stiu am ceva cu nordul Europei. Prima varianta a melodiei am ascultat-o prin 2009 in versiunea Loituma, cintata a-capella fara nici un fel de acompaniament instrumental. Mi-a placut si atunci, dar nu m-a impresionat prea mult. In vara acestui an, am dat peste versiunea Korpiklaani . Cu totul alta modalitate de exprimare si alt impact a avut asupra mea. Adevarat ca nu eram intr-o forma prea buna din punct de vedere psihic, dar in fiecare dimineata cind ascultam melodia asta reusea sa ma bine-dispuna pentru a-mi face trecerea prin zi un pic mai usoara, si intr-o oarecare masura a reusit. Sper sa aiba si asupra vostra acest aspect.

Pe Youtube.com am mai gasit o versiunea datind din anii 50 care tot asa m-a facut sa zimbesc cind am vazut-o, o aveti si voi mai jos un pic. Si in final am mai gasit 2 variante rock, ambele instrumentale, sper sa va placa si astea.

Asta este tot pentru acum, va las in compania muzicii si ca doresc vizionare placuta.


Lumberjack band


Loituma – Ievan Polka




Folk metal










Today I'll try not to bore you too with much text or other stories, instead it will try to tell you about a song that I it recently heard again, in various versions, but I like it a lot.

The song in question is Ievan Polkka, an old Finnish song, I know something is drawing me to the northern Europe. The first version of the song I listened to in 2009 played by Loituma, singing strictly vocals, without any instrumental background. I liked it then, but it did not impress me too much. This summer, I came across Korpiklaani version. Completely different stuff and had diffrent impact on me. True I wasn't in a to good shape, mentally speaking, but I was listening to this song every morning, and it managed to brighten my day and made me get through the day a litle bit easier. I hope it will have the same effect on you.

On Youtube.com I found a different version dating from the early's '50s that made ​​me smile too, when I saw it, you can watch it below. Finally I found 2 rock versions, both instrumental and hope you enjoy this also.

That's all for now, I will leave in the company of this song and hope you like it.

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